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Leonidas Chocolates USA imports and distributes Leonidas Chocolates for all interested and qualified retailers. In no fewer than 40 countries, the company has played its part in establishing the principle of specialist boutiques offering fine chocolates at an affordable price, a philosophy that has assured LEONIDAS’s success. LEONIDAS currently has over 1,000 sales outlets across the world and is constantly looking for new ambassadors for its brand-name.

You too can become a LEONIDAS retailer and join the company that is known across the world for its quality products. You will play an active and vital role in the company’s continuous growth by becoming a retailer in the LEONIDAS network. Opening a LEONIDAS retail point of sales is, in effect, entering a unique world where product quality has been the basis of success for 90 years. There are three main concepts available, each one must comply with Leonidas branding requirements; shop-in-shop, a dedicated chocolate store and chocolate-cafe. The sales of competing brands is not allowable and freshness of the Leonidas pralines must be strictly followed to protect the Leonidas brand.

We will help you to put your store concept together; store-in-store, dedicated chocolate store or a chocolate cafe. Please contact Marie Douailly at (847) 814-2094 or email Marie@Leonidas-USA.com for more detail.